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29 March 2011 - Semi Finals

Witney2 crashed out of the Frank Wood Shield semi-final last night to City1. The score was ½ - 5½ but it wasn't as easy for the high-flying Div1 side as the score suggests.


  Witney 2


City 1
1 Searle, Howard AJ (159) 0 - 1 Rose, Matthew (220)
2 Edwards, Derek F (150) 0 - 1 Manley, Jon P (202)
3 van Velsen, Anco (145) ½ - ½ Brown, Matthew (180)
4 Sanodze, Otto (-) 0 - 1 Scott, David A (173)
5 Weston, Richard (133) 0 - 1 Marlow, Mike (169)
6 Coburn, Matt (122) 0 - 1 Terry, Sean (168)
    ½ - (away win)

Match played on 28 Mar 2011.

We were very much outgraded; Matt Rose on Board 1 is graded 220, Jon Manley on Board 2 is graded 202 and even their Board 6 player is graded 168. After 90 mins, the match was still looking very even, but Matt on Board 6 then lost a minor piece and Howard on Board 1 found his K under defended when attacked by Q and 2Ns.


Anco gained a very creditable draw on Board 3 (with Black) after his opponent was confused by an unusual line in the Sicillian. Derek had a solid position in the early middle game and at one stage had a 20min time advantage, but unfortunately his opponent eventually exploited Derek's inactive B and made a conclusive breakthrough. Otto and Richard both put up a strong fight but eventually lost out in the final stages. Well done to all who played - it's not easy when outgraded by so much!


- Derek

14 January 2011 - Round 3

The evening the wheels finally came off. I changed the board order to give a higher board to Mark as the man in form, but on reflection I may have done better to have left well alone.


  Witney 1


Oxford City 1
1 Wells, Peter (232) 0 - 1 Rose, Matthew (220)
2 Richmond, Peter (203) 1 - 0 Manley, Jon P (202)
3 Hannon, Mark (185) 0 - 1 Tan, Wei Sin (214)
4 Truran, Michael (191) 0 - 1 Scott, David A (173)
5 Headlong, Timothy (188) ½ - ½ Marlow, Mike (169)
6 Hackett, Dave G (180) 1 - 0 Terry, Sean (168)


(away win)

Match played on 13 Jan 2011.


Dave won quickly on board 6 when Sean Terry's queen came to an early and untimely end. City 1 equalised when Mark got into trouble and sacrificed a piece for what never really looked like enough compensation.


Tim could make no progress against Mike Marlow, I continued my run of bad form and so it was down to the top two boards to bail us out. Peter R did the business against Jon Manley in a highly complex game despite probably being lost at one point, so the match was all square but leaving us needing to win on board 1 as a draw would see us go out on board count. Unfortunately Peter W after being at least equal and probably a bit better for most of the game made a few inaccuracies in his and Matt's time trouble and that was that.


And that's that from me as well. I'm off to find a cat to kick.


- Mike

13 January 2011 - Round 3

All good things come to an end and so it proved on Monday night when Witney 3 finally lost their first match of the season. Out graded by an average of more than 50 points per board it was always going to be a difficult to get the 2 points required to beat Witney 2 in the quarter finals of the Frank Wood Shield.


  Witney 3


Witney 2
1 Turner, Roger N (121) 1 - 0 Searle, Howard AJ (159)
2 Gilders Ian (110) 0 - 1 Edwards, Derek F (150)
3 Partridge, Tim R (86) 0 - 1 van Velsen, Anco (145)
4 Kilbride-Newman, Bob ( ) 0 - 1 Appleyard, John R (143)
5 Truran, Joseph (-) 0 - 1 Weston, Richard (133)
6 Meyrick, Helen (35) 0 - 1 Moss, Patrick (-)




(away win)

Match played on 10 Jan 2011.

It didn't start well with Joseph succumbing to Richards unusual style play in double quick time (0-1). I then struck a nugget of fortune as Howard decided to hand me a knight for a pawn, an exchange from which I didn't let go, and the shock of the night was completed (1-1).


Tim soon lost under pressure from Anco and Helen, after a good fight, was finally beaten by Patrick (1-3).


The final two games were all to play for, Ian was holding Derek and looking good for a draw but Bob had got John into time trouble. Could this be the point to provide the ultimate result for Witney 3? With over 30 minutes left on his clock and John's dropping below 2 all was looking good but Bob, in trying to blitz John to a loss, blundered his queen and the chance had gone (1-4). Ian continued playing well but under the pressure of having to win couldn't match Derek in the end game and eventually lost (1-5).


So even though we were soundly beaten by Witney 2, we were a whisker away from producing the result of the year.


Well played all - Roger

12 January 2011



The Kidlington Tournament takes place

5th & 6th February 2011 in the Exeter Hall.

If you weren't at the club on Monday, Witney 2 beat Witney 3 by 5-1 to progress to the next round (which will be against either Oxford City 1 or Witney 1) of the Frank Wood Shield. With 2 divisions difference, the handicap system meant that Witney 2 had to gain at least 4½ pts to progress.


Rich, with his usual attacking style, beat young Joseph in 16 moves on Board 5. Anco was victorious against Tim on Board 3 but Howard lost on Board 1 to Roger after losing his N early in the middle game. With Patrick beating Helen on Board 6, the outcome of the match was very much in the balance. As the clocks ticked down on the remaining 2 boards, it was looking as if Witney 3 would progress as the Derek vs. Ian game on Board 2 looked as if it was heading for a draw, and John A looked as if he would lose on time to Bob on Board 4. Fortunately for Witney 2, Bob blundered just before John run out of time and Ian took a poisoned pawn which allowed Derek to pin his Knight against his Queen and win the end game. A closer match than the score suggests.


I would encourage people to play in the Kidlington Tournament - three competitions (U225, U165 & U145) based on grading - the first weekend in February.


Click to download an application form.


- Derek

23 November 2010

... and this match moved beyond "near cock up of epic proportions" to something like a long drawn out train crash for the last hour or so until Peter, the hero against Cowley 2, did it again for us in the last five minutes of the match when hope had all but evaporated.


Needing to win by a 4½-1½ margin against a Division 3 team outgraded by 50-60 points or so on each board, we got off to a good start with a quick win from yours truly soon after the hour mark. It was clear, however, that Alan had misjudged the resilience of his opponent's position and was struggling a piece down. Although Tim was carrying out his customary grinding operation and Dave broke through to win, Alan lost and Mark, having lost lost the thread of the position, was glad to bail out with a draw, leaving Peter to contend with a clearly drawn rook ending. After having asked his captain, however, if a draw was sufficient for the team and receiving a firm shake of the head in reply, he battled on, created complications from nothing and managed to convert the full point as his opponent weakened under the pressure and committed a number of inaccuracies.


So we're through to the next round against City 1. We're going to have to play a lot better than we did against Cowley 3 if we're going to prevail! 


Congratulations to Witney 3 as well on their excellent win! Hopefully Witney 2 have also got through.

Here's my effort:



Mike Truran (Witney 1) - Ruby Marsden, Ruby (Cowley 3), 22 Nov 2010

1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 c5 4. cxd5 exd5 5. Nc3 Nf6 6. g3 Nc6 7. Bg2 Be6 8. O-O Qd7 9. Ne5 Nxe5 10. dxe5 d4? 11. exf6 dxc3 12. Qc2 cxb2? 13. Bxb2 Bf5? 14. e4 Bh3 15. Rfd1 Qe6 16. Bxh3 Qxh3 17. Qa4+ 1-0


  Cowley 3


Witney 1
1 Banuls, Adrien (-) 0 - 1 Richmond, Peter (203)
2 Marsden, Ruby (135) 0 - 1 Truran, Michael (191)
3 Stanley, William (Bill) (134) 0 - 1 Headlong, Timothy (188)
4 Taylor, John F (125) ½ - ½ Hannon, Mark (185)
5 Harnden, Charlie (120) 0 - 1 Hackett, Dave G (180)
6 Cooke, Jennifer (118) 1 - 0 Gentry, Alan (165)
    - (away win)

Match played on 22 Nov 2010.

- Mike

12 October 2010

If you weren't at the club last night, Witney2 beat City 3  4-2 in the first round of the Frank Wood Shield. It was a close match with the score at 2-2 with Anco on Board 3 and Alec on Board 1 still playing. Alec was down to less than 5 mins on his clock + his opponent still had over 20 mins left. Anco was 2 pawns up. It looked as though the final result might br 3-3 with City going through on Board Count. However, both players won with Alec goung inti turbo drive (again!) with less than 2 mins left. There were also wins for Richard + Otto and reversals for Derek (too many mistakes after a bright opening - it had been a hard day at work!*!) + Matt.


  Witney 2


City 3
1 Toll, Alec (157) 1 - 0 Yu, Jeffrey (168)
2 Edwards, Derek F (150) 0 - 1 Bugdayci, Mustafa (-)
3 van Velsen, Anco (145) 1 - 0 King, Tim J (134)
4 Weston, Richard (133) 1 - 0 Riley, Adrian K (132)
5 Sanodze, Otto (-) 1 - 0 English, Andrew (122)
6 Coburn, Matt (122) 0 - 1 Faraggi, Omri (110)

(home win)

4 - 2  

Match played on 11 Oct 2010.

- Derek






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