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Wantage 2 vs Witney 4 game

Here is Izzie's game against Alvaro Rey of Wantage 2. She was very happy with the eventual checkmate at 9.45pm when she was feeling absolutely exhausted, and struggling to keep her wits about her. Alvaro was just one move off checkmate himself she tells me, so she couldn't put a foot wrong in the last sequence - Catriona Hauer

MCS Blackbirds 2 v Witney 4

01.11.2011 - Joseph was Black against another up and coming junior in the shape of Kirill Lasis, and again found himself significantly outgraded. Nonetheless, he found a very nice 11th move to win a pawn. Kiril however maintained significant counterplay, mainly the result of Joseph's injudicious and loosening 9th move, but Joseph defended well. After White missed at least a draw with 23. Rd6! Joseph gave the pawn back and transposed into a slightly better ending which Kirill might have held by going on the defensive. Instead he counter-attacked and Joseph found a nice sequence to take advantage of White's vulnerable king and transpose into a winning endgame. A hard-fought game reflecting credit on both players.

Witney 4 v Cowley 4

25.10.2011 - Here are two games from last Monday's match between Witney 4 and Cumnor 4, which Witney 4 lost narrowly despite a valiant effort - MT.


Game 1: Despite a couple of wobbles (7. ......b5 was an unintentional but possibly quite good sacrifice for active play, and 24. ......Rac8 simply overlooked that f7 was hanging) Black kept his nerve well as White's pieces swarmed around his king's side. So happily neither wobble was as terminal as White's on move 12.


Game 2: Maria plunges into the Ulvestad Variation of the Two Knights Defence, which is a minefield for White if you don't know the theory (moves provided courtesy of Bob). 






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