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Witney Junior and Adult (Open) Rapidplay 2011

Witney Rapidplay, Sat 8 Oct 2011

Witney Chess Club held its annual rapidplay tournament on 8 October at The King's School, Witney. We decided for the first time to hold an adults section alongside the junior event, and its success surpassed our expectations, with no fewer than 20 people entering. The juniors section was also extremely well supported, with 35 boys and girls taking part.


A great (although exhausting) day was had by all, and many thanks are due to The King's School, to Hacketts To Go and to the controllers (Alan Kennedy, Roger Turner, Jon D'Souza-Eva, Tim Partridge and Mike Truran) for the provision of an excellent venue, excellent catering facilities and excellent organisation respectively.


For the record, Mark Hannon won the adults section with 5½/6, with Geoff Rasell in second place with 5/6 and Maria Mate third with 4½/6. Liam McKnight won the juniors section with 5½/6, with Zoe Varney and Matyas Hanisch sharing second place with 5/6. Chloe D'Souza-Eva and Benjamin Headlong won the U11and U9 trophies respectively, Susana Bennett-Anton won the controller's award and Zoe Varney and Matyas Hanisch received the two free places in the forthcoming Richard Palliser simultaneous display which had been kindly donated by the Oxford University Chess Club.


English Chess Federation Chief Executive Officer Andrew Farthing presented the prizes, and also presented Witney Chess Club with a commemorative set and board in recognition of the club winning the English Chess Federation's Website of the Year 2011 award. Thank you Andrew! - MT


Witney Chess Club Junior Rapidplay 2011

Final Cross Table


No Name                    Total  1    2    3    4    5    6 

1  Liam McKnight           5.5   20:W 16:W  3:W  2:W 10:W  4:D
2  Zoe Varney              5     19:W 17:W  9:W  1:L 13:W  6:W
3  Matyas Hanisch          5     30:W  6:W  1:L 22:W  8:W 11:W
4  Danial Miri             4.5   17:L 12:W 18:W 23:W  7:W  1:D
5  Chloe D'Souza-Eva       4.5   26:W 22:W  7:L 11:D 14:W 10:W
6  Ewan Hodgson            4     15:W  3:L 25:W 24:W 16:W  2:L
7  Daniel Varney           4     32:W 24:W  5:W 10:L  4:L 18:W
8  David Phillips          4     33:W 21:W 10:D 14:D  3:L 16:W
9  Tiyash Banerjee         4     23:W 18:W  2:L 16:L 19:W 17:W
10 Jake Holton             3.5   31:W 11:W  8:D  7:W  1:L  5:L
11 Alicia Cordon           3.5   25:W 10:L 20:W  5:D 15:W  3:L
12 Oliver Graham           3.5   14:W  4:L 16:L 20:W 22:W 13:D
13 Marianne Hauer          3.5   18:L 34:W 26:W 17:W  2:L 12:D
14 Isabel Hauer            3.5   12:L 35:W 27:W  8:D  5:L 24:W
15 Fred Duffen             3.5    6:L 19:W 22:D 30:W 11:L 23:W
16 Benjamin Headlong       3     27:W  1:L 12:W  9:W  6:L  8:L
17 Oscar Idle              3      4:W  2:L 21:W 13:L 27:W  9:L
18 Matthew Lock            3     13:W  9:L  4:L 28:W 21:W  7:L
19 Oliver Davenport        3      2:L 15:L 34:W 25:W  9:L 28:W
20 Joshua Soanes           3      1:L 31:W 11:L 12:L 29:W 30:W
21 Andy Manning            3     35:W  8:L 17:L 29:W 18:L 27:W
22 Susana Bennett-Anton    2.5   29:W  5:L 15:D  3:L 12:L 32:W
23 Alexander Blake-Martin  2.5    9:L 29:W 28:W  4:L 24:D 15:L
24 Dragon Sun              2.5   34:W  7:L 31:W  6:L 23:D 14:L
25 Callaghan McCarty-Snead 2.5   11:L 30:W  6:L 19:L 31:W 26:D
26 Rahul Bhatt             2.5    5:L 32:W 13:L 27:L 33:W 25:D
27 Ryan Chapman            2     16:L 33:W 14:L 26:W 17:L 21:L
28 Jenni Manning           2      0:D  0:D 23:L 18:L 34:W 19:L
29 Jake Ledbury            2     22:L 23:L  0:W 21:L 20:L 34:W
30 Freddie Basil           2      3:L 25:L 32:W 15:L 35:W 20:L
31 Armand Halgreen         2     10:L 20:L 24:L 33:W 25:L 35:W
32 Aled Osmond             1.5    7:L 26:L 30:L 35:D  0:W 22:L
33 Poppy Silk              1.5    8:L 27:L 35:D 31:L 26:L  0:W
34 Avalon-Rose Halgreen    1     24:L 13:L 19:L  0:W 28:L 29:L
35 Joshua Munn             1     21:L 14:L 33:D 32:D 30:L 31:L

Witney Chess Club Adult (Open) Rapidplay 2011

Final Cross Table


No Name                    Total  1    2    3    4    5    6 

1  Mark Hannon             5.5    7:W  3:D 10:W  6:W  2:W  4:W
2  Geoff Rasell            5     10:W 13:W  5:W  4:W  1:L  6:W
3  Maria Mate              4.5   20:W  1:D  6:L 13:W 14:W 10:W
4  William Burt            4      9:W 15:W  8:W  2:L  5:W  1:L
5  John Yates              4     17:W 16:W  2:L  9:W  4:L 11:W
6  Calin Galateanu         3.5    0:D 14:W  3:W  1:L  7:W  2:L
7  Patrick Moss            3.5    1:L 17:W 16:D  8:W  6:L 14:W
8  Philip Hayward          3.5    0:D 21:W  4:L  7:L 16:W 13:W
9  Tamal Matilal           3.5    4:L 20:W 12:W  5:L 13:D 18:W
10 David Hewitt            3      2:L 11:W  1:L 15:W 18:W  3:L
11 Paul Bristow            3     13:L 10:L 20:W 17:W 12:W  5:L
12 Andrew Varney           3     16:L 18:W  9:L 19:W 11:L 20:W
13 Richard Weston          2.5   11:W  2:L 15:W  3:L  9:D  8:L
14 Daniel D'Souza-Eva      2.5   18:D  6:L 19:W 16:W  3:L  7:L
15 Mark Sayers             2.5   19:W  4:L 13:L 10:L 17:D 16:W
16 Erik Thornblad          1.5   12:W  5:L  7:D 14:L  8:L 15:L
17 Richard Barker          1.5    5:L  7:L 18:W 11:L 15:D 19:L
18 Stephen Belding         1.5   14:D 12:L 17:L 20:W 10:L  9:L
19 Charlie Manning         1.5   15:L  0:D 14:L 12:L 20:L 17:W
20 Ray Cordon              1      3:L  9:L 11:L 18:L 19:W 12:L
21 Tim Partridge           0           8:L





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