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27.3.13 - Witney 2 vs. Bicester 1

1 Kennedy, Jonathan (161) ½-½  Marlow, Mike (171)

2 Gentry, Alan (159)      0-1  Morton, Iain (154)

3 Searle, Howard AJ (153) ½-½  Beckett, Richard (143)

4 Edwards, Derek F (139)  ½-½  Beckett, Daniel (130)

5 Weston, Richard (142)   1-0  Burcham, Anthony (119)

6 Moss, Patrick (147)     1-0  _default (-)


- played on 25 Mar.


Another narrow win for the 2nd Team keeps us in the hunt for promotion(?!). Howard and Derek played games in which small advantages waxed and waned for both sides, both ending in creditable draws. Patrick had the night off and disappeared upstairs to speak a bit of French and play against a new member of the club, a nine year-old garcon. Alan had a 2 pawn advantage in a 4 Rook ending but lost in a time scramble. The therapy bills are becoming expensive.


Jon produced a very entertaining game, playing Black in a Ruy Lopez in which Jon’s attack against the King was balanced by his opponents Queening threats. In the end it was a good draw. So Richard’s game would be the decider and he won a very double edged position as his opponent’s flag fell first.


- Alan G.


05.3.13 - MCS/B1 vs. Witney 2

1 D'Souza-Eva, Jon (191) 1-0  Gentry, Alan (159)

2 Cole, Graham (137)     ½-½  Searle, Howard AJ (153)

3 default (-)            0-1  Edwards, Derek F (139)

4 Sayers, David (124)    0-1  Moss, Patrick (147) [game]

5 Cole, James (130)      0-1  Weston, Richard (142)

6 Bush, Ian (120)        1-0  Kilbride-Newman, Bob (118)


- played on 04 Mar.


A fine result against the Division 2 leaders which showed the strength of the middle boards of the team. Bob and Alan contrived to lose first, Bob allowing the advance of both his opponents’ knights deep into his half of the board after not playing a simple pawn move preventing the encroachment; while Alan played a move he had already rejected in his mind and lost a piece. But we had the defaulted game, looking on the bright side, so it was 2-1 to them.


Richard came to the rescue and after a blistering Kingside assault, he delivered mate, 2-2. Howard worked hard for his draw leaving everything on the final game. With everyone crowded round and in absolute silence, the tension was palpable. David was the exchange and 2 pawns down, but his active pieces were threatening to break through against Patrick’s King. Patrick’s pieces were hemmed in by his own pawns, but after some solid defence combined with developing his latent advantage, and giving back the exchange for another pawn, Patrick came to a winning 3 pawns advantage and his opponent resigned. So we had won by the narrowest margin. Well done everybody. Next match is at Home on Monday 25th March against Bicester 1.


- Alan G.


28.2.13 - Witney 2 vs. Wantage 1

1 Bourne, Johnathan (169)   1-0  Bush, Martin L (149)

2 Gentry, Alan (159)        1-0  Brown, Gordon D (148)

3 Searle, Howard AJ (153)   ½-½  Richards, Simon A (141)

4 Edwards, Derek F (139)    ½-½  Morris, Stephen A (144)

5 Moss, Patrick (147)       ½-½  Spalding, George H (136)

6 Weston, Richard (142)     0-1  Ashford, Martin E (131)


- played on 25 Feb.


Another close victory, but like Bradford City, we made it to the final! Wantage came without Andrew Walden on board 1, which gave us an immediate lift. The atmosphere was tense and Derek was first to finish, earning a good draw after some chances for both in the middle stages. Johnathan gave us a win soon after, playing a French defence in which he slowly got on top, forcing a mistake from his opponent who was stretched on both sides of the board. Next, Alan won a tactical game in which he sacrificed the exchange for a winning attack. Patrick had a slight advantage in his game against George who was happy to accept the draw offer, meaning we had reached 3 points and a match win, having won on boards 1 and 2. Howard then turned around a lost looking rook and pawn ending and came away with a draw. Finally, Richard messed up and lost, but we were through and everything was wrapped up by a quarter to ten.


Next match is away at MCS/B on Monday 4th March, after that we have a home game v Bicester1 on the 25th March, (rearranged after bad weather).


- Alan G.


28.2.13 - Witney 2 vs. City 2

1 Bourne, Johnathan (169)  1-0  Biswas, Karl (149)

2 Gentry, Alan (159)       1-0  Yates, John O (141)

3 Searle, Howard AJ (153)  0-1  Godfrey, David (133)

4 Edwards, Derek F (139)   1-0  Brindley, Malcolm (137)

5 Moss, Patrick (147)      ½-½  Brooke, Ian R (131)

6 Turner, Roger N (126)    ½-½  Smith, Lucy K (126)


- played on 18 Feb.


A very good win for the 2nd Team after a tense battle, which resolved itself only at the end of the night, with the last 3 games all being won for us. Howard blundered early and he took a while to calm after his game, which he was expected to win. Then Lucy and Roger, equally matched, agreed a draw. Patrick too, found his opponent Ian, difficult to beat and they drew also. So we were 2-1 down and 3 to play. Derek played some nice tactical moves to win the exchange and eventually the game. Johnathan had a lasting edge in his first game for the 2nd team on Board 1 and his advanced passed pawn won the day after some clever exchanges. A good win against the ever-improving Karland many thanks to Johnathan for filling that board 1 slot. Alan had to struggle hard to find any advantage but finally found a Bishop sacrifice which won the exchange and, with his opponent in time trouble, he managed to win .


Next week is the semi-final at home to Wantage 1. Reminder to Johnathan B, Alan, Howard, Derek, Patrick, and Richard.


- Alan G.


05.2.13 - CWorkers 1 vs. Witney 2

1 Jenkinson, Neil J (150)   ½-½  Gentry, Alan (159)

2 Malek, John (130)         ½-½  Searle, Howard AJ (153)

3 Grice, Chris ( )          0-1  Weston, Richard (142)

4 Colebrook, Martin (121)   0-1  Edwards, Derek F (139)

5 Willis, Graham (118)      ½-½  Kilbride-Newman, Bob (118)

6 Buckland, David AS (86)   1-0  Smith, Paul (-)


- played on 04 Feb.


Witney 2 escaped with the narrowest margin of victory against bottom team Cowley Workers and move into 3rd place. In the uncomfortable games room of the club, and the noise of the bar above, Richard decided blitz chess was the way forward and took the win in short time before I had even looked around. He continues a good run of form.


Alan and Howard agreed fairly early draws so it was down to boards 4 to 6 to bring home the win. Derek duly delivered and produced a fine checkmate with Queens off the board, his rooks trapped his opponent's King in mid board and he finally mated him with a pawn move. Bob played nicely to draw, and with his opponent about to Queen a pawn, Bob also used his pair of Rooks, this time to create perpetual check. Paul went down in a pawn ending with Knight v Rook against his experienced opponent.


- Alan G.


14.1.13 - Witney 2 vs. Cumnor 1

1 Kennedy, Jonathan (162) 0-1  Varney, Andrew (146)

2 Gentry, Alan (161)      0-1  Sayers, Mark (142)

3 Searle, Howard AJ (151) 0-1  Stevens, Gareth (136)

4 Edwards, Derek F (141)  ½-½  Alvarez, Francisco ( )

5 Moss, Patrick (143)     1-0  Glenn, Liam (128)

6 Weston, Richard (131)   1-0  Cluley, Graham ( )


- played on 07 Jan.


Definitely as unexpected a result as it was bad. Witney 2 continue their inconsistent season. Howard left in disgust after his early loss to Gareth, but we recovered with a reversal of fortunes as Patrick won. Richard’s game was unpredictable but he regrouped after one attack came to nothing and crushed his opponent in the end. Derek had a draw. So it was left to boards 1 and 2. Jon had regained a lost pawn in the opening exchanges and trying for the win he blundered a piece. It was level pegging as my game came to a sad end and I lost on time with a Rook and 3 passed pawns advantage, though my opponent probably knew he could play out and await my doom. We have a chance to get straight back into winning ways against Cumnor 1 in the FWS.


- Alan G.


13.12.12 - Wantage 1 vs. Witney 2

1 Walden, Andrew (204)     1-0  Kennedy, Jonathan (162)

2 Brown, Gordon D (145)    0-1  Gentry, Alan (161)

3 Richards, Simon A (141)  0-1  Searle, Howard AJ (151)

4 Morris, Stephen A (140)  ½-½  Edwards, Derek F (141)

5 Spalding, George H (139) 0-1  Weston, Richard (131)

6 Piggott, Roly (137)      1-0  Kilbride-Newman, Bob (117)


- played on 04 Dec.


A great result against Wantage 1 in our last match before Christmas, though it was a narrow nail-biting victory. Howard won very quickly in 15 moves with a crushing Kingside attack which his opponent could not defend. Alan, for whom Christmas came early, blundered a pawn (not for the first time this season) on move 6 and got his King caught in the middle! Getting ready for a long fight for the draw, his opponent tried to force matters with a Bishop sacrifice and allowed a zwischenzug which got him right back in the game. Alan found another good move and won Queen for Rook. A nice swindle.


Richard had a clear advantage with Q and 2R on the g file against George’s King, eventually swapping off to an ending with the double exchange up which he won quickly. At 3-0, we were looking for half a point and Derek duly supplied it in his very even and hard-fought contest. Bob, too, had a good game, being a pawn down in R, N and pawns v R, B and pawns ending, admitting afterwards that he played too aggressively and wasted some moves, losing another pawn, to lose eventually. Jon, meanwhile was fighting in a similar position with equal pawns and R and N v R and B. Though he went down finally in time pressure, it was a valiant effort against such a strong player as Andrew Walden. Next match is Home to Cumnor on January 7. See you at the club.


- Alan G.


30.10.12 - City 2 vs. Witney 2

1 Dixon, Leif (162)       0-1  Hackett, Dave G (189)

2 King, Simon E (149)     1-0  Gentry, Alan (161)

3 Yates, John O (140)     ½-½  Searle, Howard AJ (151)

4 Brindley, Malcolm (137) ½-½  Moss, Patrick (143)

5 Brooke, Ian R (137)     1-0  Weston, Richard (131)

6 Godfrey, David (135)    1-0  Kennedy, Alan (125)


- played on 29 Oct.


Our first defeat of the season, with one solitary win and two draws, it was a bad night. Patrick earned a hard-fought draw but Richard lost a very double-edged affair with opposite side pawn thrusts and tactics abounding.


Alan took far too much time in the opening and blundered badly in the ending to go down to the solid Simon. Howard could not quite win his ending with an extra pawn so it was left to Dave to demonstrate his prowess in endgame technique as he won a bishop ending. Hope we can bounce back on November 19th v MCS/B.


- Alan G.


09.10.12 - Witney 2 vs. CWorkers 1

1 Hackett, Dave G (189)    0-1  Jenkinson, Neil J (144)

2 Gentry, Alan (161)       1-0  Malek, John (135)

3 Searle, Howard AJ (151)  1-0  Colebrook, Martin (121)

4 Edwards, Derek F (141)   1-0  Cartwright, Paul (119)

5 Weston, Richard (131)    1-0  Matilal, Tamal (114)

6 Truran, Joseph (120)     1-0  Buckland, David AS (89)


- played on 08 Oct.


Well done troops! This continues the good start we all wanted. The score of 5-1 sounds easy but every board was a hard struggle. Once again, Richard delivered the first point and, with the black pieces in an unusual opening, he finished early. Derek, in an English, played positionally and slowly crushed his opponent, whereas Howard in a Modern defence played an exciting game of opposite side castling and had to weather a threatening pawn storm before coming into a Rook and Pawns ending in which his active Rook secured the point.


Next was a triumph of youth over experience as Joseph, playing in his first ever match for the 2nd team, showed skill and natural ability in winning his opposite coloured Bishops ending as he carefully shepherded home a pawn and gave us a 4-0 lead. This left Dave and Alan to finish. Alan wriggled out of an attack against his King and after a swap of major pieces, his opponent’s K and R were tied down so his own K ruled the board, much to his relief!


Dave never looked in any trouble and had much of the pressure throughout, but in pressing too hard for the win, he allowed counterplay and lost against his lower rated opponent.


We have until October 29th before the next match(away at City 2). Keep practising.


- Alan G.


05.10.12 - Cumnor 1 vs. Witney 2

1 Sayers, Mark (142)     0-1  Truran, Michael (189)

2 Stevens, Gareth (136)  ½-½  Gentry, Alan (161)

3 Carr, Robin (129)      0-1  Searle, Howard AJ (151)

4 Glenn, Liam (128)      ½-½  Edwards, Derek F (141)

5 Jones, Michael (127)   0-1  Moss, Patrick (143)

6 Bennett, Steven (114)  0-1  Weston, Richard (131)


- played 04 Oct.


Well done everyone, the start we hoped for and a good game point difference could be significant later in the season. Richard finished first, easily winning even after castling on move 8! Then Patrick converted his extra piece to a good win.


Alan struggled against Gareth after blowing a pawn but active rooks in the pawns and 2R endgame salvaged the draw.


Howard played a slow-burning attack against his opponent’s King which forced time problems and eventual resignation as Howard was about to mop up several pawns. Derek had the better with the black pieces but with Qs and opposite coloured Bs he had to accept the draw. So it was left to Mike to show his class. In time trouble for both players, Mike exploited the many weaknesses in his opponent’s position with the deftness of Barbirolli conducting the Halle orchestra to produce a thrilling win. See you Monday at Home v Cowley Workers.


- Alan G.





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