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21.3.13 - Bicester 2 vs. Witney 3

1 Burcham, Anthony (119)  0-1  Weston, Richard (142)

2 Earl, Chris (121)       0-1  Turner, Roger N (126)

3 Beckett, Daniel (130)   1-0  Kilbride-Newman, Bob (118)

4 Maddox, Thomas (127)    1-0  Flory Mark (117)

5 Hartmann, Per (78)      ½-½  Broome, Keith ( )

6 Corduff, Ian (-)        0-1  Partridge, Tim R (93)


- played on 19 Mar.


Finally I get round to writing up one of our matches.


After a blazing start to 2013 which has seen Witney 3 first avoid the relegation battle and then guarantee 4th place with a win over Oxford Uni and a hard earned draw against Didcot 2 we went away to Bicester to continue pressuring the top three teams.


The match got under way and quickly the two middle boards were into gun slinging territory, Bob was attempting an audacious raid on his opponents king and Mark’s opponent had his queen high up the board threatening all kinds of havoc. The other boards were gently progressing.


Despite the middle boards it was Richard, fuming from a pothole that had broken his car, who finished first leaving his opponent little choice but to resign. He was followed by Bob who’s position had unfortunately fallen apart and his opponent worked his position well to win his game. 1 – 1.


I didn’t see much of the remaining games as I was for once concentrating on my game…J….but Keith, playing as a last minute re-enforcement, played out a good draw, Mark was eventually ground out of position and lost and Tim, despite missing a mate in two (Keith’s observation), eventually beat his opponent. 2½ – 2½.




The match tied and my game left intensified the pressure and I was determined not to meekly agree a draw even though my opponent was making nasty threats. This all turned with a well-crafted Queen move completely shifting the balance of play. With a sacrificial exchange of Rook for Bishop and Pawn, which I swiftly got back, I quickly gained a large momentum. Pressing forward I was looking too much at my bishop and missed a mate in 2 at move 34, however, even passing the mating opportunity and with a couple of inaccuracies from my opponent I soon converted my momentum to ensure the win. 3½ – 2½.


Witney 3 have now completed the double against all the lower teams leaving our last three games as the toughest.


- Roger.


08.2.13 - City 3 (Ab Sch) vs. Witney 3

1 Jeffreys, Robert (121)  ½-½  Turner, Roger N (126)

2 English, Andrew (109)   0-1  Kennedy, Alan (125)

3 Reynolds, Edward (100)  0-1  Flory Mark (117)

4 Wu, Leon (60)           0-1  Gilders Ian (112)

5 al-Akiti, Rafi'i ( )    1-0  Hauer, Isabel (94)

6 Ren, Ray ( )            1-0  Hauer, Marianne (102)


- played on 4th Feb.


In the first match of 2013, Witney 3 has started brightly. I was first to finish with both my opponent and myself tired from work, although not knowing each other’s state, we eased into an even position and agreed a draw avoiding a long drawn out pawn, rook and bishop ending, less than an hour played ... ;-)


The other games were into the middle game with some interesting positions, Marianne was the exchange down but gobbling up pawns, Mark had a piece up, Isabel was a pawn down and the other two games were fairly even.


As the games progressed Ian finished with a flurry and mated his opponent in the corner with a slick move, Isabel was still a pawn down, Marianne taking more pawns, Mark was starting to open his game up and Alan was getting bogged down. Mark then made his advantage tell and over ran his opponent to put us 2½-½ up.


A few minutes later Alan sacrificed a rook to gain a forced mate which he duly converted, game on the website, and the match was won. Isabel failed to make any headway and eventually lost in a long drawn out battle.


Marianne was providing a much more exciting game, with 4 pawns to 3 up, not sure where her other pawns went, then gave up an entire piece leaving her 3-2 on pawns but her opponent with a Rook. Showing confidence in her endgame play Marianne accurately played her way to within one move of winning but chose the wrong move order which her opponent took advantage of. Very well played Marianne and a good game to learn from.


Witney 3 are now into 3rd place and a couple of wins away from cementing mid-table which was our target at the beginning of the season .. :-)


- Roger.


09.11.12 - Ox Uni 2 vs. Witney 3

1 Hewitt, David (123)     0-1  Turner, Roger N (134)

2 Asman, Gabriel (-)      0-1  Weston, Richard (131)

3 Thurner, Matthias (-)   0-1  Kennedy, Alan (125)

4 Finkelstein, Noam (110) 0-1  Kilbride-Newman, Bob (117)

5 Coulson, Matthew ( )    0-1  Flory Mark (116)

6 Gardner, Benedict (-)   0-1  Gilders Ian (113)


- played on 08 Nov.


Witney3 continued their good start to the season with a comprehensive victory over a poor University Side.


The night started well when Bob secured a good opening and then quickly overrunning his opponent who promptly resigned.


Mark finished next after a good opening left him in a strong position which moved into a pawn ending with a pawn advantage. Mark played accurately and with two passed pawns and his king about to pick up blacks passed pawn his opponent resigned.


My game had been the most normal to that point with no strong starts or piece wins, both Richard and Ian and won their opponents Rook on h1! And Alan was up on material as well, when my opponent missed leaving his Bishop en-pris and after a few swaps was left in a weakening position. He resigned in quick fashion.


Alan soon afterwards completed pressurising his opponent with more pieces gained and again his opponent threw in the towel.


Richard and Ian were left playing and were both soon pressing home their advantages. Ian finished first after removing enough of his opponents pieces to leave him with a formality ending and his opponent soon resigned. Richard had a more wild position but was always in control and soon made his extra piece count breaking through the defences and his opponent resigned.


The first 6-0 for me as a captain although the opposition didn’t play well, we played very well and the match was over just after 9:30pm!


- Roger.


31.10.12 - Witney 3 vs. City 3 (Ab Sch)

1 Kilbride-Newman, Bob (117) 0-1  Jeffreys, Robert (125)

2 Flory Mark (116)           ½-½  English, Andrew (109)

3 Truran, Joseph (120)       ½-½  Reynolds, Edward (94)

4 Asenov, Pavel ( )          1-0  Churchman-Davies, Alex ( )

5 Hauer, Marianne (103)      ½-½  al-Akiti, Rafi'i ( )

6 Hauer, Isabel (94)         1-0  Ren, Ray ( )


- played on 30 Oct.


The first to finish was Mark with a steady if unspectacular draw, Pavel played a very adventurous opening which surprised his opponent and saw Pavel sacrifice his queen and immediately queen a pawn by taking a rook in the first 10 moves. He played very accurate chess hereafter and his opponent resigned. Marianne looked to be losing but managed to produce a stalemate and Isabel played well, built up an advantage and was able to checkmate her opponent.


Bob fought bravely but was outmanoeuvred in the end game with his opponent up in pawns. So we were guaranteed at least a draw. Joseph was a pawn up in a king and bishop on opposite colours ending but could not achieve an advantage and a draw was agreed. So it was good to start the season with a win.


- Tim




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