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  Division 3 Table

Witney 3 vs. City 4


A rare report from Witney 3 as we reach the halfway point of the season.


To date the team has made steady progress with some good and bad, particularly my performances.


Last night we faced the team languishing at the bottom of the table and a need to win match to ensure we get a good solid mid-table finish. All started well with some even play but the bottom two boards soon started to forge ahead.


Bob worked a good position going the exchange up but lost some momentum in the end game and a draw was agreed.

Soon after Mark slowly worked himself into a stronger position eventually overturning his opponent.


I had a reasonable position with the kings castled opposite sides and worked a piece up after opening his kings side. My opponent threw the towel in when he allowed his king to become skewerd by my Bishop with his Rook. My first win since March last year!!


Elizavita soon followed after winning a piece near her opponents king leaving him with little room for manoeuvre.

Joseph had a game to forget as his position slowly crumbled allowing his opponent to mate him on the side of the board.

Jake was last to finish in a tight ending which both players had opportunities. Jake was just starting to edge the ending when his opponents flag fell.


A good win with our top four boards all out graded leaving Witney 3 top of league.


1 Turner, Roger N (125)         1-0 Marham, Zaid (137)

2 Truran, Joseph (126)          0-1 Brindley, Malcolm (133)

3 Holton, Jake (118)            1-0 King, Tim J (130)

4 Sheremetyeva, Elizaveta (114) 1-0 Creasey, Mark (122)

5 Kilbride-Newman, Bob (112)    ½-½ Rowlinson, John (108)

6 Flory Mark (114)              1-0 Rodriguez-Bachiller, Agustin (87)


Match played on 20 Jan.


- Roger.



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