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26.4.13 - Witney 4 vs. Cumnor 2

1 Truran, Joseph (120) 0-1  Varney, Zoe (114)

2 Holton, Jake (99)    1-0  Varney, Daniel (111)

3 Hauer, Isabel (94)   1-0  Sterrie, David (80)

4 Watkins, Seb (87)    0-1  Bennett Anton, Susana (11)

5 Manning, Andy (29)   1-0  Shakespear, Michaela (-)

6 Lloyd, Ben (-)       1-0  Ives, Leonora ( )


- played 22 April.


A splendid result for our final League match. We had agreed with Cumnor that we would each field 6 juniors and both teams fielded a youngster making their debut in League chess. The first two games to finish were Ben, who won on his debut and Andy who recorded his first league win of the season. But then we were pegged back as first Seb and then Joseph lost. Isabel was ahead and steadily used her advantage in material to achieve a mate leaving the result of the match depending on the final game. Jake played calmly and well and eventually his pressure told and he won, so we took the match 4–2.


This means we shall finish 4th in Division 4, a splendid effort by everyone, young and old alike. Thank you, players and parents for your support.


- Tim.


21.3.13 - Witney 4 vs. Cowley 4

1 Truran, Joseph (120)       1-0  Viscu, Catalin (132)

2 Kilbride-Newman, Bob (118) 1-0  Baker, Jonathan AE (120)

3 Gilders Ian (112)          1-0  Idle, Oscar (106)

4 Coburn, Matt (104)         1-0  Mitchell, James F ( )

5 Holton, Jake (99)          ½-½  Burgess, John ( )

6 Watkins, Seb (87)          0-1  Burgess, Jasmine ( )


- played on 18 Mar.


Another fine win reversing the result of our away match with Cowley 4. First to finish was Seb who was still recovering from jet lag. Bob finished next and recorded a good win where his attack was more successful than his opponent’s. Jake then accepted a draw in a very even position so the match was still evenly poised. Joseph was the next to finish with a fine win over a higher graded player.




Matt ensured we would win with a victory so we all watched the end of Ian’s match. Although Ian was 2 pawns up he was running short on time with his opponent rather better off on time. However he played the ending well and speedily until his opponent, now also very short on time, allowed a pawn through to queen and Ian won with both of them having seconds to spare. Well done everyone.


- Tim.


04.3.13 - Wantage 2 vs. Witney 4

1 Hemmings, Peter (132)   1-0  Kilbride-Newman, Bob (118)

2 Ashford, Martin E (131) 1-0  Coburn, Matt (104)

3 Leake, John (98)        0-1  Holton, Jake (99)

4 Rey, Alvaro (88)        0-1  Broome, Keith ( )

5 Smalley, Roger (88)     ½-½  Partridge, Tim R (93)

6 Hockaday, Derek ( )     1-0  Manning, Andy (29)


- played on 26 Feb.


An exciting match which went right to the wire. The first to finish was Andy who had a strong position but then blundered and lost. Next to finish was Jake who polished off his opponent in dominant fashion. Matt was heavily out-graded and duly lost. Bob, also out-graded, was defended well but rather than settle for a draw he went for the win but found himself outmanoeuvred and lost. Keith played steadily and gradually got the advantage to force home a win. So all depended on the last game where Tim was facing a strong attack by Queen and Bishop on his king out in the open. He managed to hold off the pressure and mount an attack of his own but blundered and lost his queen. He settled for a draw by repetition, only to be shown afterwards he had a forced mate. So we lost rather than drew the match.


- Tim.


16.2.13 - Witney 4 vs. City 4

1 Asenov, Pavel (127)   0-1  Marham, Zaid (140)

2 Gilders Ian (112)     0-1  King, Tim J (128)

3 Holton, Jake (99)     0-1  Creasey, Mark (120)

4 Murray, Jon (86)      0-1  Rowlinson, John (106)

5 Hauer, Marianne (102) 1-0  Rodriguez-Bachiller, Agustin (92)

6 Hauer, Isabel (94)    ½-½  Luke, John (63)


- played on 11 Feb.


This was a somewhat weakened team fielding four youngsters due to people being away for half term. Well outgraded on the first four boards, we fought bravely against the League leaders, but were outgunned. However Marianne did well to win and Isabel to draw to make the score look more respectable.


- Tim.


12.2.13 - MCS/B2 vs. Witney 4

1 Sayers, David (124)       0-1  Asenov, Pavel (127)

2 Krzysztofik, Marcin (113) 1-0  Truran, Joseph (119)

3 Lasis, Kirill (101)       0-1  Coburn, Matt (104)

4 McKnight, Liam (100)      ½-½  Holton, Jake (99)

5 Bancroft, Jack ( )        1-0  Murray, Jon (86)

6 Miri, Danial ( )          0-1  Manning, Jenni ( )


- played on 04 Feb.


A re-arranged game which proved to be extremely exciting. As they had asked for the change they agreed to come to Witney even though it was scheduled at MCS. The first player to finish was Matt, who after a fairly even game, managed to checkmate his opponent with two Knights, a Bishop, Queen and rook surrounding the king which was also blocked by his own pieces too.


Next to finish was Jenni who had outplayed her opponent. Jake then agreed a draw in a pretty even position, so far so good. Jon was down in material and finally succumbed. Joseph was battling bravely but lost in the end game. All depended on the final game where Pavel had a pawn advantage in the end game and despite both players having very little time left and a crowd of us watching, Pavel coolly pressed home his advantage. So we beat the team who were second in our division, well done everyone.


- Tim.


03.2.13 - Cumnor 2 vs. Witney 4

1 Varney, Zoe (114)         1-0  Hauer, Marianne (103)

2 Varney, Daniel (109)      1-0  Hauer, Isabel (94)

3 Sterrie, David (80)       0-1  Holton, Jake (72)

4 Bennett Anton, Susana (9) 1-0  Watkins, Seb (-)

5 Ives, Leonora ( )         0-1  Manning, Jenni ( )

6 Spielhoffer, Nathan ( )   1-0  William, Read (-)


- played 24 Jan


It was agreed that we would each field six youngsters for this match which gave each side a chance to give a youngster their first league game. Jenni was the first to finish with a fine win but then Bill, our first timer lost on board 6. We went further behind when Seb lost on board 4. Isabel then lost despite fighting bravely to the end which left Jake, who had established a good advantage and looked likely to win and Marianne who was having a titanic battle in her very exciting game. Jake duly won but in the final game Marianne was close to mating her opponent but was unable to find the final blow and eventually lost. It was a close match and we hope we can reverse the result when they come to us later in the season


- Tim.


14.1.13 - CWorkers 2 vs. Witney 4

1 _default (-)            0-1  Kilbride-Newman, Bob (117)

2 Matilal, Tamal (114)    0-1  Gilders Ian (113)

3 Ilic, Stevo (102)       1-0  Coburn, Matt (111)

4 Wood, Paul (-)          0-1  Murray, Jon (91)

5 Jackson, William J (89) 0-1  Holton, Jake (72)

6 Miller, David H (86)    ½-½  Watkins, Seb (-)


- played 07 Jan


A good win against a fairly evenly matched side. They had to default on board one as the rest of the match was underway by the time we knew they were a player short. The first to finish was John who was a bishop up and then caught his opponent in a mate which he never saw coming. Next to finish was Jake who gradually outplayed his opponent with some very clever attacking moves. At three nil we knew we had achieved at least a draw. Next to finish was Seb who had reached the end game with an advantage but accepted a draw which was what we needed to close out the match. Matt and his opponent both had significant attacking play but in the end Matt lost. In the final game Ian played the end game very accurately to win well. We are now mid-table, well done everyone.


- Tim.


28.11.12 - Cowley 4 vs. Witney 4

1 Baker, Jonathan AE (122)  ½-½  Coburn, Matt (111)

2 Sengenberger, Sara (114)  1-0  Murray, Jon (91)

3 Idle, Oscar (94)          0-1  Holton, Jake (72)

4 Graham, Oliver (61)       1-0  Manning, Jenni ( )

5 Ottino, Solomon (75)      1-0  Watkins, Seb (-)

6 Baptista, Joana ( )       1-0  Manning, Andy ( )


- played on 26 Nov.


As agreed with Cowley 4 we each fielded 4 youngsters in our side which meant that with 4 youngsters playing for the 3rd Team we fielded 8 youngsters in our 4 teams on Monday night. First to finish was Andy, who had a rook advantage but was caught out by a Queen mate.


Then Jenny lost after a spirited display but found herself with a losing end game. Seb held his own at the beginning but found himself at the end unable to stop his opponent Queening a pawn and winning. Jake played particularly well, gradually gaining the advantage and finally queening a pawn to beat his opponent. It all depended on the two adults on boards 1 and 2. John found himself outmanoeuvred by his much higher rated opponent and lost but Matt produced a magnificent rearguard action and from 2 pawns down forced a draw by repetition, again against someone more highly rated.


Although it was a disappointing result our youngsters gained valuable experience.


- Tim.


22.11.12 - St Clare's vs. Witney 4

1 Genis, David (124)     ½-½  Kilbride-Newman, Bob (117)

2 Kudlovich, Mikita (-)  0-1  Coburn, Matt (111)

3 Shafiyev, Ravil (-)    ½-½  Partridge, Tim R (89)

4 Nazarenko, Daniel (-)  0-1  Broome, Keith ( )

5 Evans, Niall (-)       0-1  Holton, Jake (72)

6 Celaj, Dean (-)        0-1  Watkins, Seb (-)


- played on 20 Nov.


A fine result for an away match. The first to finish was Seb, playing his first league game, who gradually outplayed his opponent and won comprehensively. Jake, who had also established a piece advantage, was the next to finish. Keith, who had come into the side at short notice, finished off his opponent, so we now led 3 – 0. At this point the other three games were fairly equal but Matt gained an advantage and forced the win. Tim had some chances but in the end a draw was probably a fair result. Finally Bob, having lost a piece early on against a player rated higher, fought a magnificent rearguard action to force a draw. A good evening’s work by everyone.


- Tim.


08.11.12 - City 4 vs. Witney 4

1 Marham, Zaid (145)           ½-½  Kilbride-Newman, Bob (117)

2 King, Tim J (127)            ½-½  Gilders Ian (113)

3 Creasey, Mark (110)          1-0  Coburn, Matt (111)

4 Rowlinson, John (106)        1-0  Murray, Jon (91)

5 Rodriguez-Bachiller, A (95)  0-1  Partridge, Tim R (89)

6 Luke, John (60)              1-0  Holton, Jake (72)


- played on 05 Nov.


Outgraded on 4 of the boards, we anticipated a hard game and so it proved. The first game to finish was on board 6 where Jake had the initiative but then blundered and lost. Tim was a bishop up quite early on and playing steadily forced home his advantage and his opponent resigned. Matt found himself down in the end game and was forced to resign and John was in a similar dilemma and resigned so all depended on the top two boards.


Bob was several pawns down in a Queen and Bishop ending but with his opponent in serious time trouble managed to salvage a draw from a losing position. Ian was playing well, resisting his opponent’s attack on his King and with strong counter play of his own but with both players short of time a draw was agreed. Well done everyone.


- Tim.


24.10.12 - Witney 4 vs. CWorkers 2

1 Gilders Ian (113)   1-0  Colebrook, Martin (121)

2 Coburn, Matt (111)  1-0  Cartwright, Paul (119)

3 Murray, Jon (91)    0-1  Matilal, Tamal (114)

4 Holton, Jake (72)   0-1  Miller, David H (86)

5 Asenov, Pavel ( )   ½-½  Jackson, William J (89)

6 Manning, Jenni ( )  1-0  Buckland, Chris ( )


- played on 22 Oct.


Out-graded on every board, we realised we had quite a challenge, especially as we were fielding three youngsters as part of our club policy of encouraging juniors.


First to finish was Jenni who managed to mate her opponent although well down in material, an unexpected win. Jake, who had opened well, found himself in a level position but in forcing the game he made a mistake and the game was lost. John was gradually worn down by his opponent and conceded. Pavel was playing very steadily and with a long end game in prospect a draw was agreed. So all depended on the two top boards. Matt had been playing well and was able to force his advantage home and bring the sides level.


So to the final deciding match where each player had a strong attack on opposite sides of the board. Ian’s opponent was in time trouble and was moving very quickly, then Ian found himself in time trouble too but managed to find a checkmate with both players having not much more than a second left! Phew, nail-biting stuff but a good win to start the season.


- Tim.





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