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MCS/B2 vs. Witney 5


1 Cole, James (135)    1-0  Kilbride-Newman, Bob (118)

2 Horsley, Keith (111) 0-1  Blackwell, David ( )

3 Lasis, Kirill (111)  1-0  Murray, Jon (78)

4 Bridson, James ( )   0-1  Watkins, Seb (71)

5 Keshav, Vijay ( )    0-1  Read, William ( )

6 Arun, Suhas ( )      1-0  Soanes, Joshua ( )

 (ave grade 119)       3-3  (ave grade 89)


Match played on 02 Apr.


An exciting game, the result was uncertain until the final game finished. The fist game to finish was on board 6 where both players had good attacks going but Joshua came out second best at the end. Next to finish was Bob who lost out to a player graded well above him. Seb and Bill were playing well and each pressed home their advantage to win comprehensively. Two games to play and the score level, Jon was being pressed back by his opponent who was graded well above him and had to give best so all hinged on the last game where David launched a magnificent King's side attack and his opponent, in time trouble, resigned. So a fine draw with one of the top teams though we had agreed to field under 12's on the bottom three boards.


Our final match, a home game against Cowley Workers 2 has been postponed and will now be played on Monday, May 5th.


- Tim.



Witney 5 vs. Wantage 2


1 Kilbride-Newman, Bob (118) ½-½  Spalding, George H (131)

2 Smith, Paul ( )            ½-½  Booker, Julian (109)

3 Blackwell, David ( )       1-0  Cordon, Ray (92)

4 Murray, Jon (78)           ½-½  Thompson, Steven (91)

5 Partridge, Tim R (79)      0-1  Mahon, Paul (73)

6 Read, William ( )          0-1  Mills, Matt ( )

  (ave grade 92)            2½-3½ (ave grade 99)


Match played on 17 Mar.


The first to finish was Bill who could not repulse a strong attack on his king although he had attacking chances himself. Paul and Jon had creditable draws against stronger opponents. Bob did well against his much higher graded opponent but had to settle for a draw. David played well for his win but Tim couldn't achieve a draw which would have given us a match draw. Well done everyone.


Our next match is away to MCS/Blackbirds 2 on Wednesday April 2nd. They start at 7.15 as they will have some youngsters playing.


- Tim.



Cumnor 2 vs. Witney 5


1 Sterrie, David (84)         ½-½  Murray, Jon (78)

2 Ives, Leonora (63)          1-0  Dobrynin, Sofya ( )

3 Harrop, Richard (58)        0-1  Read, William ( )

4 Bennett Anton, Susana (35)  1-0  Dobrynin, Maxim ( )

5 Willan, Ann (35)            0-1  Soanes, Joshua ( )

6 Ives, Frida ( )             0-1  Partridge, Tim R (79)

  (ave grade 55)             2½-3½ (ave grade 79)


Match played on 06 Mar.


The first anxiety was that our board 6 didn't arrive but luckily Tim was able to step into the breach. First to finish was Joshua who won comprehensively. Maxim lost but Bill had a fine win and when Tim was able to checkmate his opponent we were 3-1 up, a draw guaranteed. Sofya was a knight down but battling bravely and Jon, with a pawn advantage, was playing well and holding his own. Jon's opponent offered him a draw and when he realised that Sofya was going to lose he accepted the draw for the sake of the team although he had a slightly better position that his opponent. Well done everyone, our second win of the season.


Our next match is a home game on Monday, March 17th against Wantage who are just above us in the league table so we shall put out the strongest team we can.


- Tim.



Witney 5 vs. Cumnor 2


1 Partridge, Tim R (82) 0-1 Sterrie, David (79)

2 Dobrynin, Sofya ( )   0-1 Harrop, Richard (57)

3 Read, William ( )     1-0 Bennett Anton, Susana (33)

4 Dobrynin, Maxim ( )   ½-½ Ives, Leonora ( )

5 Soanes, Joshua ( )    1-0 Willan, Ann (34)

6 Beneat, Freddie ( )   ½-½ Ives, Frida (-)


Match played 18 Nov


The first to finish was Bill Read with a fine win, followed by Maxim achieving a hard fought draw. Joshua won well, his first league win, and Freddie settled for a draw. All depended on the top two boards, Sofya fought well but lost and Tim, who had been offered a draw earlier, failed to make a pawn advantage count and was outplayed in the end game, leaving the match tied at 3 all.


Our next match is away to Wantage on Tuesday Dec. 10th.


- Tim.





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