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Witney 1 vs. City 1 - 25th March 2011

Oxfordshire League Match 2010/11

Oxford City 1  vs. Witney 1 - played 6th December 2010


Another tight match against City 1 in which both teams fielded their best sides (Witney 1's average grade 196.5, City 1's 198.4) which for a long time we looked like losing. The less said about my game the better; I spent a lot of time finding a series of indifferent moves, then blundered a pawn in a passive but defensible position. Mark drew soon after after his opponent managed to defuse a useful looking initiative. So one down, with Tim and Dave in trouble with Black and two double edged games on the top boards. Not looking good!


  Oxford City 1


Witney 1
1 Rose, Matthew (220) 0 - 1 Wells, Peter (232)
2 Manley, Jon P (202) 0 - 1 Richmond, Peter (203)
3 Tan, Wei Sin (214) 1 - 0 Truran, Michael (191)
4 Brown, Matthew (180) 1 - 0 Headlong, Timothy (188)
5 Rajangam, Karlmarx (176) ½ - ½ Hannon, Mark (185)
6 Ljubic, Ivan (-) ½ - ½ Hackett, Dave G (180)
    3 - 3  


All four remaining games went down to the last few minutes. Tim shed a pawn and got ground down in the ending, but Peter R played excellently to put away Jon Manley in an exceedingly complex and tactical game. Dave hung on heroically to draw in an endgame where he had little time to find a series of excellent defensive moves, leaving it to Peter W on top board to beat Matt Rose at the third attempt (two draws last season) in a game where both players ran tremendously short of time (not unusual for these time trouble aficionados).


Matt's ingenious attempt to pull off a devilish stalemate with around five seconds left on his clock was thwarted only by the inconvenient presence of a remaining pawn, and so the match was saved with less than a minute to go to the end of the session (Peter's remaining forty seconds or so being more than sufficient for a man of his calibre to mop up). Games in PGN


So a nervy 3:3 draw, leaving Witney 1 still clear at the top of the division and with our fate still in our own hands.


- Mike

Witney games above in PGN





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