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Witney 1 vs. City 1 - 25 March 2011

Witney 3 v Wantage 3 - 14th March 2011

Friendly Club Games

Here's a nice five minute game in which Alan Gentry poleaxed me recently at the club. I usually last a bit longer than twelve moves, so I thought I would share the amusement. I hope Alan will be the first to agree that I took it in a manly fashion without even a quiver of the lower lip.



White: Alan Gentry Black: Mike Truran

Friendly Game, 7 March 2011

1. d4 Nf6 2. Nc3 e6 3. e4 d5 4. f3 Bb4 5. Bg5 c5 6. Bb5+ Nc6 7. Ne2 a6 8. Bc6:+ bc6: 9. O-O cd4: 10. Qd4: c5 11. Qe5 d4 12. Nd5 1-0 ... and I wasn't going to get up off the canvas after that one.


As a postscript, in the next game Alan tried another f3 adventure, this time a move earlier:


White: Alan Gentry Black: Mike Truran

Friendly Game, 7 March 2011

1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. f3 de4: 4. fe4: Qh4+ ... 0-1 after various further adventures.


Revenge is sweet.


- Mike











Peter Wells Lecture Games - 21st February 2011

Upwards of 30 people attended Peter Well’s lecture, organised by Witney CC, and a pleasant and thought-provoking evening resulted – punctuated by lively discussion, tea at the interval and some post-match pub analysis in the Bell Inn. Click to read Sean Terry's lecture report.



Oxfordshire League Division 4, 2010/11

4NCL Weekend 3, Sunningdale, 19th & 20th Feb 2011

The Oxford 2 and 3 teams were in action this weekend in Division 3 of the 4NCL together with Swindon-based Brown Jack, for whom Peter Richmond, Tim Headlong and Mike Truran from Witney Chess Club also play. Both Oxford 2 and Brown Jack are flying high and are in the frame for promotion to Division 2. Sean Terry of Oxford City Chess Club has been kind enough to send through most of the games from the various matches.


Oxfordshire League Match 2010/11

Peter Wells Simul

Mark Hannon got the only other draw to be achieved in the Peter Wells apart from Gareth's.

Peter Wells Simul

Gareth Stevens from Cumnor Chess Club has submitted his excellent draw from Peter Wells' recent simultaneous display - one of only two players to prevent a clean sweep by Peter. Congratulations Gareth!

Frank Wood Shield Rd3

Mark annotates his game against Wei Sin Tan from the recent Frank Wood Shield match. Always good to see a player with the objectivity to analyse and publish one of his own losses - well done Mark!

Download this game in PGN


4NCL & Oxfordshire League players

As many of you will know, Oxfordshire is represented by Oxford (three teams) and Banbury in the 4NCL - and Dave Hackett and I also play for Swindon-based Brown Jack in the 4NCL. Sean Terry of the Oxford City club has kindly sent me a large collection of games from the various matches played by the Oxford teams at the recent 4NCL weekend which you may find of interest. I commend to you in particular Matt Rose's ending against Yang-Fan Zhou (a 225 graded sixteen year old!) as an example of how to find unexpected resources in the most unpromising of positions.


You can find more information on the 4NCL, the premier team event in the UK, on  - Mike



Download these (26) games in PGN


Oxford City 1  vs. Witney 1 - played 6th December 2010


Another tight match against City 1 in which both teams fielded their best sides (Witney 1's average grade 196.5, City 1's 198.4) which for a long time we looked like losing. The less said about my game the better; I spent a lot of time finding a series of indifferent moves, then blundered a pawn in a passive but defensible position. Mark drew soon after after his opponent managed to defuse a useful looking initiative. So one down, with Tim and Dave in trouble with Black and two double edged games on the top boards. Not looking good!


  Oxford City 1


Witney 1
1 Rose, Matthew (220) 0 - 1 Wells, Peter (232)
2 Manley, Jon P (202) 0 - 1 Richmond, Peter (203)
3 Tan, Wei Sin (214) 1 - 0 Truran, Michael (191)
4 Brown, Matthew (180) 1 - 0 Headlong, Timothy (188)
5 Rajangam, Karlmarx (176) ½ - ½ Hannon, Mark (185)
6 Ljubic, Ivan (-) ½ - ½ Hackett, Dave G (180)
    3 - 3  


All four remaining games went down to the last few minutes. Tim shed a pawn and got ground down in the ending, but Peter R played excellently to put away Jon Manley in an exceedingly complex and tactical game. Dave hung on heroically to draw in an endgame where he had little time to find a series of excellent defensive moves, leaving it to Peter W on top board to beat Matt Rose at the third attempt (two draws last season) in a game where both players ran tremendously short of time (not unusual for these time trouble aficionados).


Matt's ingenious attempt to pull off a devilish stalemate with around five seconds left on his clock was thwarted only by the inconvenient presence of a remaining pawn, and so the match was saved with less than a minute to go to the end of the session (Peter's remaining forty seconds or so being more than sufficient for a man of his calibre to mop up). Games in PGN


So a nervy 3:3 draw, leaving Witney 1 still clear at the top of the division and with our fate still in our own hands.


- Mike

Witney games above in PGN





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